Last week we wrote about the company, Water Saver, that is having some interesting restroom related news. We told you about the story from the perspective of the employees. Now, we’re explaining it from the employer’s perspective.
The employees at Water Saver are given breaks that total one hour; however, suspected cell phone use in the restroom is increasing the amount of time employees spend in the restrooms since cell phones aren’t allowed on the factory floor. Because of these suspicions, the company installed a swipe card system last winter that tracked how much time each employee spent in the restroom. The swipe system showed that time in the restroom exceeded the allotted break time by 60 minutes every 10 days, which means employees were spending an additional 6 minutes in the restroom every day.2006 12-Unit 32 ft. Industrial Restroom Trailer
The management of Water Saver is very upset about this. They feel that one hour of breaks should be more than enough for employees to do everything that they need to do. They have observed that the excessive breaks are cutting into production time. The CEO, Steven Kersten, stated that 120 hours were lost in the month of May due to the extensive amount of time spent in the restrooms. For safety purposes cell phones are not allowed on the factory floor and management believes that employees are spending the excessive time in the bathroom in order to use their cell phones and not for restroom needs.
Steven Kersten has also expressed that it’s unfair to the other employees. He was recorded saying that it’s not fair to the employees that come in and work for the full 7 and a half hour days to have their neighbor not working and just using the restroom to use their phones. As a result, Water Saver has created a reward system to entice employees to not use the restroom during work hours. Employees can earn $1 a day, up to $20 a month, in gift cards for every day they don’t use the restroom outside of the allotted break time. Only time will tell if this solution will work.
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Do you think Water Saver’s management has a reasonable concern? What do you think of the solution to try to prevent lost time?