The 2013 Kentucky Derby takes place this Saturday, May 4. It is a longstanding, prestigious, historical event that was started in 1875, almost 138 years ago. It is known to us as “the fastest two minutes in sports”, or the “Run for the Roses”, since the winner gets a blanket of roses draped over them at the finish line. For horses and jockeys it is the culmination of a career full of hard work and training, as well as the most prestigious race of a lifetime.
For spectators, it is a tradition filled with parties, food, drinks, and some of the most elaborate hats and clothes, worn by those looking to be seen. And although the extravagant seats of “Millionaire’s Row” are the most coveted, they are usually reserved by the rich, famous, and those who have connections. In this case, it’s not what you know, but who you know.
While the Kentucky Derby is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable events to attend, this year will most assuredly have a different feeling to it since the security will, without a doubt, be tighter and more prevalent. As far as new security measures go, all entering spectators will be subject to an electronic scan, and any diaper bags or purses (of allowable size) are subject to a search. So it is advised that you arrive earlier than planned to accommodate these new safety and search procedures. There are other changes to policies and procedures that you should be aware of before making your way to the races, such as allowable camera types, coolers, and refreshment.

Portable Restroom Trailers attends many large events so we understand this new need for heightened security. But we also understand that peace of mind for the guests is just as important. That’s why we suggest an “attendant package” to go with your portable restroom. This will provide a bathroom attendant who will stay with the mobile restroom to monitor, service, and supervise the facility. Our goal is to make sure every guest is comfortable and safe so that they can enjoy their event to the fullest extent, as is the intent of those on guard at the Kentucky Derby this weekend.

If you’re headed out to the races on Saturday, we wish you an exciting, safe, and memorable experience!