Portable restroom trailers are being used all over the country, not just for weddings, parties, or home renovations, but for facility solutions. Schools, in particular, are using portable bathrooms for the staff and students while renovations to the facilities are made.
A seminary in San Diego is using restroom trailers for their faculty and students while they wait for their permanent restrooms to be completed this fall. Renovations through the summer were a challenge due to the heat and no air conditioning. Fortunately the trailers are climate controlled, so when nature called, instead of it being an annoyance, it was probably a blessing!
A Wyoming high school also used portable restrooms while their stadium upgrades were being completed. In addition to the reconstructed enhanced seating and improved concession area, were new restrooms. Since the stadium bathrooms were not finished by the first home game, fans were given the opportunity to try out a restroom trailer or go inside one of the school buildings to use the facilities there.
Both examples illustrate how convenient it is to use restroom trailers as a solution for any kind of need. Whether you need more facilities in addition to what you already have, or if you just need a facility to take the place of what is being repaired or renovated, consider the many benefits of a portable restroom trailer.