Prepare for Hurricance Season with a Portable Bathroom

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Prepare for Hurricance Season with a Portable Bathroom

As Tropical Storm Cristobal heads towards New Orleans we are once again in hurricane season. During hurricane season, it is especially important to be prepared for any emergency situation and to have an evacuation plan. As a leading provider of portable bathroom trailers, we are often called upon during this time to supply necessary restroom options. Due to our hands-on experience, we think it’s important to keep our staff, families, and clients informed about risks and preparedness.

We want to take the time to share the importance of planning ahead and being ready for storms of this nature to hit. Our heart goes out to those who are affected, and we are ready to supply portable bathroom rentals to the organizations who aid in hurricane relief.

As you or members of your family or friend group prepare for the storm season to come, make sure you are as ready as possible with these tips from leading references.


Know your evacuation zone


It is essential for everyone at risk of hurricanes to prepare and to have a plan for when a storm strikes. Those who live in high risk areas should prepare an evacuation plan so that your family is prepared when you are warned by local officials. It is also very important to have essential items packed and ready to go and to keep your car’s gas tank at least half full at all times. It is equally as essential for those who live in lower risk areas to be prepared and have a play in place. Keep track of the storm and listen to local officials for the severity and magnitude of the storm


Prepare financially


 The most difficult aspect of enduring a hurricane is having a lack of funds when evacuating. The Federal Reserve has reported that almost 60 percent of Americans don’t have $400 in savings.It is essential to put away a bit of money regularly in order to be prepared in the event of an emergency evacuation. Read more tips on financial preparedness. For businesses, purchase business-interruption insurance policies to help protect against losses due to damage.


 Know Your Hurricane Risk


Depending on where you live, your risk may be very high or very low. While it may seem obvious which category you fall in, you’d be surprised how much inland dwellers are affected by a storm that seemingly happens only near the coast. For those living on the coast, you are high risk. Depending on the intensity of the hurricane to come, you should have an evacuation plan prepared. You are most at risk for extreme winds and flooding, and surge thunderstorms. For those living inland, reports that coastal flooding can reach tens of miles from the coast. Those living within 75-100 miles from the coast should prepare for an increase in winds and rain. Sign up to get alerts and warnings in your area.


Strengthen Your Home 


Whether you are evacuating or simply need to stay home for shelter, wind and thunderstorms can take a toll on your home. Make sure that the structure of your home is prepared for the intense weather conditions by taking a few precautions. Bring in outdoor furniture or large items that may be tossed by the wind. Trim trees and shrubs to ensure that greenery isn’t blown around, becoming capable of damaging your home. Take measures to reinforce your roof, windows, and doors, and use flood damage resistant materials. Should you need to evacuate, these additional steps could allow you to come home to minimal damage.


Stock Up on Supplies 


 There are so many supplies that you can get beforehand to ensure that you aren’t caught in the chaos before evacuation time or during times when shelter is required. Think ahead and stock up on key items before it becomes urgent. Stock an emergency kit with a battery operated radio, flashlights, non-perishable food, entertainment for children if necessary, bottled water, and blankets. Keep in mind that should you need to stay in your home for safety, this is all you have to rely on. Visit for a thorough list of items to stock up on should you need to take shelter for a long period of time.


As a leading provider of portable bathroom rentals and sales, we are here to help those in need. Whether you are a shelter taking in those who lost everything or a nonprofit sending in volunteers to help with post-storm damage control we are here to provide portable bathroom options that can make your efforts easier. From restrooms to showers to laundry facilities, we have the equipment you need to get your organization or business running smoothly. Please reach out and let use know what you need - our restroom rentals are available in all sizes, and we customize according to your needs.

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