It’s been said before and we’re saying it again: everyone loves to shop a good bargain. No matter what the industry may be, from fashion to cars, beauty to sporting equipment, people will line up out the door and around the corner to score a great deal.

For those who are looking to purchase portable bathroom trailers, making a smart decision for your budget is typically priority number 1. At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice quality, and when shopping the bargains you’ll occasionally run into something that makes you think the new shiny options that aren’t on sale may be best.

This article is here to not only prove that shopping the bargains can get you a great product for a fraction of the price, but to showcase how truly great those bargain items can be. We have collected five of our pre-owned portable bathroom trailers that are now available for purchase. Each trailer is unique and varies in size and design. If you weren’t a bargain believer before this, you most certainly will be after browsing our pre-owned options. Get ready to snag some serious bang for your buck!

1. Compact

For companies looking for a restroom option that takes up a smaller footprint or that will require less use, a compact unit like the 2 Station Classic Series, 2017 edition is ideal. With both a flushable toilet and shower in each suite, this is one of our portable bathroom trailers perfect for small offices, gyms, or campsites.

2. Shower Trailer

This is a style that is favorited by campsites and campuses with busy athletes. This 2010 8 Station Shower Trailer can handle a crowd and is built to ensure that all who use it have a comfortable experience. The insulated walls and ceiling, plus built-in air conditioning and heat strips keep the temperature ideal no matter what the outside weather looks like.

3. Mid-sized

If you’re looking for portable bathroom trailers that can handle moderate use throughout the day, the 8 Station Coastal Series is a perfect fit. Designed to appeal to office executives and outdoor event goers, this trailer provides an upscale restroom experience that won’t leave them missing a brick-and-mortar bathroom.

4. Large

For those with a large crowd to service, you need a restroom option that can handle the volume of users with ease and comfort. This pre-owned 9 Station Portable Restroom Trailer is perfect for large event venues, parties with hundreds of attendees, or offices with many employees.

5. Designer

Some of our portable bathroom trailers are designed for high-end and upscale use. The 7 Station Luxury Series is one of those trailers. Ideal for important, high-level meetings, weddings, and black tie affairs, this trailer was built to WOW. This is a great option for those hoping to impress guests with a fully upscale experience from entrance to exit and everywhere in between.


One major perk when buying pre-owned portable bathroom trailers is that some of these units are no longer being manufactured. Your purchase could be a one-of-a-kind! Guests are sure to be impressed when they visit your bathroom trailer that offers an experience they won’t find anywhere else.

These portable bathroom trailers all offer a high-level product for a great price. Now that we’ve got you warmed up and ready to purchase your pre-owned trailer, browse our full collection. We always vett all pre-owned portable bathroom trailers to ensure that the new buyer gets a quality product no matter what.

Still concerned about your budget? Learn about leasing and financing options! We are willing to work with any budget size and can accommodate payment plans. Read more and get in touch with the sales team today.