Rent a Portable Restroom for Renovations

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Rent a Portable Restroom for Renovations

As a business that is busy building its empire (aim high, right!?), we have come to realize that there are some things you simply can’t sacrifice. Employee care is one of those important things. This doesn’t just mean offering a generous 401K plan or providing more than two weeks of paid vacation time. It is the company’s job to ensure that the employee’s office experience is as pleasant as those work-from-home days. This means that every once in a while, renovations become necessary, and you can rent a portable restroom to support this process.

What does the employee office experience include? This could be a number of things, from a fully stocked kitchen to comfortable workstations. Some companies like to go all out for their employees with all expenses paid retreats, nap nooks in the office, and ways to play like ping pong tables and games. Each company is responsible for choosing how they treat their employees.

One thing that can be overlooked by companies is the restroom. A lot of thought is not often given to the bathroom - it is simply a mandatory part of everyone’s day and doesn’t need much glitz and glamour, but some level of sophistication is necessary. Cleanliness, design, and accessibility are all things each person looks for in the restroom, even if it’s just on a subconscious level. Even if your restroom is up to par, eventually it will need upgrades and renovations. Perhaps your restroom does need some TLC and you’re ready to begin those renovations. What do you do about a restroom in the meantime?

That’s where we come in! When it comes to temporary restroom solutions, we are knowledgeable experts. As you prepare for your renovations, consider this list of five restroom rentals that we highly recommend for the office.


rent a portable restroom small

For companies that are small yet mighty, we recommend that you rent a portable restroom that is efficient yet budget-friendly. If you have less than 75 employees, the 2 Station Affordable Advantage Series is a perfect fit. Well designed and comfortable, it is sure to make employees feel cared about and important. 

Executive Level

medium rent a portable restroom

For those who entertain a more sophisticated crowd in the office, the 4 Station Coastal Series is one of our upscale restroom rentals. With wooden details and a very boutique hotel atmosphere, it is sure to impress those investors and high-end clients that may visit and work in your office space. 

Mid-sized Companies

 6 station classic 2

For companies with a higher number of employees, we recommend the 6 Station Classic Series. Simple and elegant, it is the perfect solution for a company with up to 500 employees. This is one of our more popular restroom rentals due to its versatile design. 

Hands-On Companies

rent a portable restroom thats versatile

For companies that have employees that get their hands dirty, providing a shower option is a great way to let them know you think about and are grateful for their hard work. From businesses in agriculture with employees working in the fields to busy city construction companies with workers that build through heat, rain, and more, we have restroom rentals that include showers and lockers so that employees can leave feeling refreshed. The 6 Station Locker Room Combo, Oahu Series is a perfect rental for businesses that want to provide that extra amenity. 

Large Businesses

rent a large portable restroom

If you have a large company with 750 employees or more, it gets harder to find a high-end temporary restroom solution. Luckily, that’s our specialty! Rent a portable restroom like the 12 Station Tradewinds Series that can handle the large crowd without sacrificing design and atmosphere. This is a trailer that guarantees comfort and accessibility throughout the busy workday.

As you prepare for your business renovations, feel free to send us a message with questions about the process of using our restroom rentals. We are here to help and want to ensure that you get the restroom trailer that is a perfect fit for your office, employees, and business as a whole.

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