“An honest day’s work” had a very different meaning when the phrase originated. Today, many jobs have us sitting in front of a computer all day doing a wide variety of tasks that many would have never imagined 50 years ago. Back then, an honest day’s work was hard, sweaty, and would keep your body moving. Today, while we may see them less frequently than before, these labor intensive workers are still doing what generations before them used to do for work, and we have designed restroom rentals just for them.

Labor intensive work is not for the faint hearted. It’s for those who don’t mind the bending, lifting, plowing, standing, and more that is required to get the job done. In our opinion, those in these hard-working industries are still what represents an honest day’s work, connecting us to the roots of the American Dream and how far our country has come. 

Our bathroom rentals for labor intensive industries are much like the workers themselves: no muss no fuss, durable, efficient, and built to last. As managers look for a restroom option for employees, we want to highlight the restroom rentals that best compliment some of the most common labor intensive industries. Below, find the perfect temporary restroom for your company.


restroom rentals for construction

The construction industry is one that almost doesn’t need an office. These workers are often out in the field building projects far from the company’s home base. Considering the portable nature of construction work, it makes sense that these employees will need a restroom option that travels with them from worksite to worksite, so restroom rentals have been a great solution for this industry. 

With a smaller number of onsite workers on average, a unit like the 2 Station Calypso Series is a great option for the construction industry. It’s an upscale alternative to the porta potty yet doesn’t overdo it with design.


restroom rentals for agriculture

While employees in the agriculture industry stay close to the company’s homebase, they can still travel quite a distance from the brick-and-mortar restroom option. Working on hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of acres of land take these employees far from the office on foot, so providing a nearby portable restroom option is necessary. Given the grueling nature of farm work, and often in extreme temperatures, the 6 Station Combo is a great restroom rental option. With showers and lockers included, it provides employees with a full locker room experience. 

Warehouse Management

This massive workspace often demands lifting and movement throughout the day, and equipping such a large, rustic building with brick-and-mortar restrooms can get expensive. If someone has a restroom emergency in the back, running up to only one restroom option at the front can seem daunting. Having restroom solutions throughout the warehouse is best for employee care, and our restroom rentals provide an easy way to make multiple restroom locations a possibility. Given the large number of staff working in warehouses daily, we recommend the 10 Station Comfort Series, a unit capable of servicing up to 750 visitors before needing maintenance.


manufacturing restroom rentals

Manufacturing companies tend to face the same challenges as those with warehouse facilities. A large building with a huge volume of employees going in and out throughout the day make having just one restroom option impossible. A large restroom solution is necessary, so we recommend the 12 Station Classic Series for this industry. Equipped with even more restroom access than the 10 Station, it can handle crowds of 1000+. Large companies in the manufacturing industry can trust that this rental bathroom trailer can handle the masses with ease.


restroom rentals for municipalities

A more common labor intensive industry, city municipalities is one that we see more regularly, if not every day. These hard workers are responsible for the electricity we use, the operations of city management, and so much more. They are truly hard workers and need a restroom option that works as hard as they do. The 3 Station Comfort Elite Series pays slightly more attention to interior design than some of the options listed above. Restrooms can often act as the only break these employees get in the day, and we think they deserve an option as upscale as the service they provide. 

Now that you’ve gotten to browse a few of our restroom rentals, request a quote for your trailer. We are ready and able to move quickly so that you are equipped to take on your restroom needs as soon as possible!

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