Over years of providing restroom rentals for businesses, events, and individuals, one of the most common scenarios we’ve come across is providing portable restroom accommodations as a temporary measure while a permanent restroom is being renovated.  People don’t ever stop needing to use the restroom, regardless of whether their normal facilities are available or not. And all across the land, when restroom renovations leave people without a place to handle their necessary business, PRT is there to save the day with sanitary, comfortable, luxurious portable restroom rentals.
FR 3 Station Malibu.pngTemporary restrooms can be a challenging proposition in some working environments.  Construction workers are used to temporary restrooms, using them virtually every day they’re on the job.  Your average team of construction workers wouldn’t even bat an eye at a traditional porta-potty. But office workers, on the other hand, can be harder to accommodate.
Office workers are accustomed to having full-service restrooms with flushing toilets, privacy, and hot water for handwashing.  Many are not fond of the idea of temporary restrooms, and most would balk at using a porta-potty for an extended time. But show your average office worker the interior of one of PRT’s luxury portable restroom rentals, and they’ll have no problem at all.

When One Job Has Many Stakeholders

We recently got a call about a restroom renovation taking place at an office for one of the largest electric companies on the east coast.  The existing bathrooms were scheduled to be entirely remodeled, and temporary accommodations were needed for about fifty employees who work in the building.
Our client was not the energy company, but the construction company that won the contract to remodel the restrooms.  They were contracted to manage all aspects of the project, and to their credit they did not overlook the requirement for temporary restroom rentals to accommodate the building’s staff.
When the construction company reached out to us, they were a bit skeptical that they would be able to find restroom rentals that would be nice enough to keep the electric company’s staff happy and comfortable.  We reassured them that we could provide restrooms every bit as nice as their permanent facilities, and nicer if needed. We’re happy to say that the solution we delivered has been very well received by the office workers, and everyone involved in this deal has had nothing but great feedback.

Luxurious Restroom Rentals for Renovation Projects

After speaking with the construction company about the required capacity and the expectations of their clients at the electric company, we found a perfect fit with a 3-station unit from our Comfort Elite line of luxury restroom rentals.  The unit we delivered has enough capacity to support the office’s entire workforce – and all the features and comfort that they’re accustomed to in their permanent restrooms.
The Comfort Elite 3-station has 3 individual private suites – 2 for women and one for men.  Inside each roomy suite is a full-size, fully-functional china toilet – just like the toilets indoors.  There is a spacious wall-to-wall vanity with solid surface countertops, liquid soap and paper towel dispensers, an automatic metered faucet, and a large shatterproof glass mirror.  The men’s suite also has a wall-mounted ceramic urinal.
The environment inside the unit is comfortable and relaxing, with year-round climate control.  Each suite has a built-in air supply and return, ducted to a low-profile roof-mounted 9 MBTU air conditioner.  And 5600 BTU electric heat strips are integrated into each suite for warm comfort in the winter months. All three suites have their own folding stairway, with abundant LED porch lighting for safe entry and exit at any hour.

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If your business is planning a restroom renovation in the coming months, don’t forget to plan ahead for the restroom rentals you will need.  We have an extensive inventory, with design packages ranging from tough industrial setups to posh executive luxury.  We can accommodate most requests for customizations and upgrades – and we always have ADA-compliant models in stock.
PRT can find a solution to fit almost any budget, thanks to our wide range of financing options.  If our standard short-term rental doesn’t suit your needs – ask about long-term rentals, flexible financing with easy approvals, or our popular lease-to-own program.  Get in touch with us today at (877) 600-8645 to learn more.