No matter what industry you work in, a short-term restroom need may eventually arise. That’s why we are proud to offer restroom trailer rentals for such a large variety of needs. As we think about the rest of the year to come, we know it’s crucial to get the logistics for these outdoor needs locked in and ready to go. Our inventory of restroom trailer rentals is available to browse, but we’d thought we’d make it easy for you.

Short-term restroom trailer rentals are for needs that are three months or less. This is ideal for weddings and outdoor events, campsites that have a busy summer season, construction sites, agricultural companies with employees in the field, and more. Just because you work with an outdoor space doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice comfort and style when it comes to the restroom.

We do our part to ensure that every possible restroom need is accounted for, so have prioritize a wide variety of design styles, accessibilities, and more. Take a look at these five restroom trailer rentals to see the quality that is available and different sizes depending on your needs.


small restroom trailer rentals

For those who need a restroom that services a smaller volume of users, units like the 2 Station Satellite Series are an ideal choice. Perfect for construction sites and agriculture companies, this is one of our restroom trailer rentals that we’d highly recommend for staff. The simple yet elegant design lets employees know you care without overdoing it with unnecessary fluff.


ADA restroom trailer rentals

Accessibility is a crucial necessity that makes everyone feel included. No matter what industry you work in, providing ADA-compliant restroom trailer rentals is occasionally required. ADA +9 Station Sierra Series is ideal since it provides those needing an ADA option with their need while also servicing those who do not. It is also well suited for large crowds.


medium restroom trailer rentals

The 8 Station Grand Mariner Series is designed for a moderate amount of use. Servicing up to 550 guests, this is an ideal option for large companies who need restroom trailer rentals during renovations and temporary worksites hosting a large group of employees. It is also a perfect fit at medium-sized outdoor event venues. 


large trailer

For those in the event industry, what would be festival season is upon us, but this yeasr that looks a little different. But that doesn't mean we can't start planning for the future! While it has been the norm to use porta potties for these extra-large events, upgrading guest experience with restroom trailer rentals is the new trend. The 13 Station Calypso Series is an ideal choice for large events like these, and would also work at conferences and on campsites. 


luxury bathrooms

Our luxury options are ideal for black tie affairs, executive-level guests, and other high-end needs. The 8 Station Luxury Series is perfect for formal needs like weddings and work retreats, ensuring that these high-class guests are provided with a restroom option that fits the atmosphere of the gathering. 

Ready to book your restroom trailer rentals? Consider one of the above options, or browse our full collection. Our sales team is ready to help you get your restroom trailer reserved and ready for the upcoming season.