If you are managing a park, beach, or outdoor event, your goal should be to make your guests comfortable enough to spend the whole day there. Many parks and beaches rely on porta potties to handle their guest’s portable restroom needs. While porta potties might solve the immediate restroom problem, guests may not feel comfortable enough to keep going back into them, therefore they don’t spend the entire day at that location.
The city of Danville, Indiana just upgraded from porta potties to our Portable Restroom Trailer for all their outdoor events this summer. They recognize that when people have all the safe and sanitary accommodations they need, they are more likely to enjoy the full day of events instead of leaving to seek more comfortable facilities.The people have a rest in park
For their first big event on Father’s Day Weekend guests were thrilled with the upgrade. Their new climate-controlled restroom trailers with running hot water, china toilets, and large interiors are an excellent substitute for parks and beaches that don’t have the option of permanent restroom facilities.
Executive Series ADA plus 6-Unit Restroom Trailer with Custom Ramp is ideal to accommodate a large line of guests. Its two separate men’s and women’s suites have everything that a permanent restroom facility would. For beaches and parks it has the added benefit of being able to be relocated for specific events or in the event of emergencies.
Another great unit for beaches is our ADA plus 2 Custom Beach Package Restroom Trailer. Both have separate handicap bathrooms with slip resistant ramp access.
We’re overjoyed that the city of Danville is putting their new restroom trailer to use with all of their great outdoor events this summer and look forward to continuing to support them!