Seasonal Packages Make Portable Restrooms Winter Ready

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Seasonal Packages Make Portable Restrooms Winter Ready

As we begin to see signs of winter across the nation, many have started thinking about adjustments needed to run business in cooler temperatures. Fans and air conditioners are needed less, and as the chillier months approach, a need for insulation and heaters becomes more prominent. As leading providers of portable restrooms, we understand that climate control is a priority for an ideal bathroom experience, and we keep the changing of seasons in mind as we craft our special upgrade packages.

We often work with businesses who are interested in purchasing our portable restroom trailers, and although a sale may be complete, we believe in long term partnerships with companies we sell to. We provide a wide variety of add-ons and upgrades for trailers that make them ideal for restroom operations year round. 

As the year continues to fly by, we know that fleet owners are beginning to think about running their portable restrooms during the colder seasons. Below, you’ll find an outline of our heating packages and upgrades that will guarantee your restroom users stay comfortable and warm despite outside weather.




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The Three Season Heat Package is ideal for businesses that have units being used in milder winter climates. With the ability to withstand temperatures as low as 30 degrees, it can handle a little frost.

This package equips portable restroom owners with a waste tank de-icing system This ensures that contents do not freeze up despite the potential of slightly below freezing temperatures. The de-icing system can make fleet owners feel confident that this critical tank is not affected by extreme temperatures and can continue operating in excellent condition.

Portable restroom operators can also remain confident in the unit’s ability to provide a warm climate for guests with the addition of the 750-watt heater. This powerful heater is added to each suite and maintains a comfortable temperature for users.

To aid the heater in keeping the climate comfortable, this package also includes an upgrade to the entire unit. Insulated walls and ceiling are added, keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. 

Finally, this package includes the 2-30 amp marine style power cord upgrade.

Together, these upgrades work together to guarantee that your portable restrooms are comfortable for guests in temperatures as low as 30 degrees. Your unit will be ready for winter in no time!




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For those living in more extreme climates, a few more upgrades are necessary to withstand some seriously cold weather. There are some locations where a 30 degree minimum limit simply won’t do - and some living in these climates wouldn’t even consider 30 degrees true winter weather!

For those who agree, we have packaged together an upgrade built to withstand as low as -20 degrees - our California clients can’t imagine it! Here are the upgrades you’ll need to maintain your portable restrooms.

First, this upgrade includes almost everything that comes with the three season package, including the de-icing system, insulated walls and ceiling, and 2-30 amp marine style power chord.

In addition to these features, the four season package provides an upgrade from the 750-watt heater. A 40k BTU ducted furnace is installed and provides heat to the restrooms, allowing the interior temperature to reach a comfortable temperature. The unit also has a two 30lb LP tanks mounted at the front.

To further insulate the unit, we add an underfloor spray insulation. This means that your unit will be completely insulated from top to bottom, keeping that wanted heat in and cold out. An insulated LP cover is also included to protect the two tanks at the front.

As added protection from the outside cold, we create a foil wrapped exterior before adding the metal finish, which provides your restroom rental with the most protection from cold weather possible.




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Overall, each package is customized to ensure that your portable bathrooms continues to operation in extreme winter weather. You won’t have to worry about a customer’s lack of comfort - these winter upgrades are designed to keep heat in and the cold out in every way possible. 

Ready to purchase your winter ready portable restrooms? See the units we have available to ship now! If you don't find the perfect fit for you, request a quote or contact us to begin your customized purchasing experience. 

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