During the month of September, our thoughts and prayers were constantly with those who were affected by the devastating Hurricane in North Carolina. We personally have employees who live near the damage, and we knew that given the opportunity to help, we would jump to service those in need. Our greatest support came when we delivered a shower trailer rental to the hard hit City of New Bern, North Carolina.
Over the few weeks following the hurricane, we worked nonstop to provide restroom, laundry, and shower trailer rentals to communities and organizations who needed them. We partnered with new companies and organizations and donated as much of our product as we could.
During our work with hurricane relief, we worked with a church in the city of New Bern. Despite the damage done all over the coast of North Carolina, New Bern seemed to see some of the worst damage of all. The town was completely flooded for days - the damage done has been irreversible in most cases, and many homeowners and business owners are going to have to rebuild from the ground up.
When the storm hit initially, hundreds of residents needed rescuing and many more would be saved over the following few days. A recent estimate stated that over 4300 homes and 300 businesses were ruined.
Record-breaking floods persisted for days, even weeks, after the storm hit, making damages to buildings worse and the work that organizations were doing to provide relief that much harder. As the waters began to fall, hope persisted and recovery began.
We are proud to work with the organizations who rushed to New Burn to provide aid in any way they could. Volunteers went out searching for those who needed saving, the city worked tirelessly to get power back on, and programs like the trash and recycling services were back up and running to help residents clean things up.
Those providing aid for the community realized that, in order to properly service those affected, there were a few amenities they lacked. With damage done to the water and sewer lines, there was no access to showers. We were ready to step in and provide humane shower trailer rentals for organizations looking to address this issue.


Given the extreme circumstances, we knew we had to think fast and come up with a portable trailer that satisfied the needs of the affected communities. They needed a durable temporary solution that could easily service a high volume of users.
We were able to suggest the 8 Station Portable Shower Trailer for Rent, Sierra Series. This portable shower trailer is purposefully designed for a high volume of use and was a great solution to send to the communities affected by hurricane damage.

The Sierra Series is compact yet comfortable environment measuring 24 feet. The clean, fresh exterior and aluminum steps and rails greet guests and ensure that they have safe and easy access. The interior is fitted with non-skid rubber flooring to ensure that guests can shower safely without worrying about slipping. Eight private showers await each visitor, and curtains ensure plenty of privacy during use.
The entire unit is insulated to ensure that the interior temperature stays comfortable despite outside weather conditions. It also comes with air conditioning and heat strips, which help keep the temperature that much more comfortable. With a tank-less hot water system and showers that are very user friendly, the Sierra Series Portable Shower Trailer Rental is equipped for high volume use, easily providing each user with a positive shower experience.
Given the shower trailer rental’s easy portability, we were able to transport it to a local church that would use it it help families affected by the hurricane. Community leaders knew the importance of providing a shower option to its residences after the trauma of extreme flooding.


Today, the city of New Bern is working to get back on its feet. The city manager addressed the town, stating that power was back on, 90% of permits were closed, allowing residents to get back into their homes, damage to the sewage system was being addressed, and garbage and recycling services were making their routine rounds.
Volunteer programs are still on-site, providing housing for those who are still displaced, and we are happy that we could offer the simple joy of showering with our shower trailer rental.
We applaud the diligence of the people of New Bern and are always ready to provide a helping hand when we can. If you are a resident or business affected by hurricane disaster, reach out to us at (866) 600-8645. We are experts in our field when it comes to quick, efficient restroom and shower trailer rentals.
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