Shower Trailers Are Good, Too!

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Shower Trailers Are Good, Too!

Portable estroom trailers are great for every type of event, but let’s not forget about shower trailers. What are they good for? Shower trailers are typically used for events where people get dirty or for long term use, when your usual shower is unavailable or if you're having guests.

If you are renovating your home, a shower and restroom combo trailer might be a good solution for you. They are also great for disaster relief, providing a private, safe place to clean up. The shower/bathroom combo trailers provide both amenities in one unit and are climate controlled for any season, even inclement winter weather.

The shower units are also great for events such as the Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, or Ragbrai which require their participants get sweaty, wet, sandy, and muddy. Many beach communities are also providing shower trailers for their guests to use so that they can shower off before going home. Some camp sites also provide shower trailers for their guests to use while vacationing.

Shower trailers are an excellent amenity, though it seems a forgotten one. If you plan on having an event or home renovation, don’t forget to think about either a portable restroom trailer or a shower combo unit.

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