PRT Spring Cleaning
#SPRINGCLEANING PORTABLE RESTROOMS NEED LOVE TOO Although we know you clean your portable restroom trailer more than once a year, Spring is the perfect season to spend a little extra time and effort getting it into tip-top shape.  It not only extends the life of your valuable asset, your guests will really notice how everything sparkles and shines! Speaking of sparkling and shining, one of our top portable restrooms manufacturers passed on some great tips to us that we want to share with you:

  • For best results, mirrors should be cleaned with warm water, then wiped and dried using a soft, lint free cloth.
  • When using common household glass cleaners, never spray directly on the mirror. Always apply cleaner directly to a lint free cloth, wipe, and dry immediately.
  • Proper care and handling should always be taken to avoid allowing any liquid or substance to contact the edges of the mirror.
  • Continuous use of household cleaners in portable restrooms can result in edge damage as many contain chemicals such as chlorine, alkali or sulfuric acid, which can be harmful to mirrors and should be used with caution.

STAINLESS STEEL – Toilet Paper Dispensers/Sanitary Napkin Receptacle/Sinks and Trims

  • Wipe or polish with the grain direction of satin finishes.
  • Remove any cleaning or soap residue from stainless surface with water and wipe dry with clean cloth.
  • Avoid cleaning products containing bleach, hydrochloric acids and or chlorides…these are frequently found in toilet bowl or tile cleaners and in abrasive scrubbing powders. These will cause rust!
  • Avoid use of steel wool which can leave behind fine particles that cause surface rust.
  • Avoid use of abrasive cleaners on bright polish stainless steel surfaces.