Usually our top-end portable restroom trailers are hired out for exclusive galas, private (read: very expensive) parties, and your more niche sporting events, like the PGA tournaments and the Kentucky Derby. So it’s nice that this week a lot of them are scattered around Indianapolis available for the large crowds at the Super Bowl Village. And while you might think a trip to the village would be an expensive proposition, happily it looks like that’s not the case.
According to reports by a pair of local Indy news teams, WISH TV 8 and WTHR 13, organizers and local merchants are doing their best to keep costs down so the average family can enjoy themselves, without breaking the bank.
They tracked the spending of a typical family of four, and found that hotel rooms close to the action can be had for under $100 for the night, and if you want to keep your car there, tack on another $17. (Which isn’t that terrible, considering at some sporting events, parking for just a few hours can be $20 or more.)
Feeding that family can get tricky, but if you’re willing to skip the street vendors, who tend to be a little pricey (around $16 for a burger, fries and a soft drink at one stand), and don’t mind fast food, you can save more than a few dollars. Some savvy locals have been enjoying the festivities outside at the village, then walking down to the Circle Centre Mall and having something to eat in the food court. It’s less expensive, and they can sit down at tables and also enjoy some indoor heat.
And the events at the big game aren’t out of reach either. WISH TV reports one family found a 4-pack of tickets online to the NFL Experience for just $90. If you don’t need the 4-pack, you can save $3 per ticket by buying them in person, instead of online. You will, however, have to wait in long lines. And for some attractions, those long lines can mean you could get turned away due to sellouts. That’s what’s been happening at the wildly popular zip line that lets you glide over the crowd, tethered to a cable. Want to avoid missing out? If you want to skip the long lines and get into special events, you can get an NFL-Xtra pass for $46 and get in like a VIP.
Our mission has always been to make our portable restroom trailers affordable to our event planners, so they can provide affordable events for families, whether it’s a street festival, Little League game, county fair or major sporting event like the Super Bowl. It’s great to see Indy keeping the Big Game within reach of the average family.

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