At Portable Restroom Trailers we have answers for portable restrooms for rent and advancements. We live in a world where technological advancements continue to move at lightning speed. Twenty-five years ago, no one would believe that the giant computer taking up their entire work desk would be the size of a tablet or phone that was capable of doing even more than their bulky design.
Advancements in technology take place across all industries, including trucks and commercial vehicles. Although we may think that the giant semi-truck we see rolling down the freeway couldn’t possibly have changed that much in the last couple of decades, you’d be surprised at the progress that companies like Daimler have made in updating some of the largest vehicles on the road. While we may think some forms of technology don’t need updating, this company is making changes that could easily prove us "nay-sayers" wrong.


Daimler has been in the trucking business since the late 1930s. Leland James, president of Consolidated Freight-ways in Portland, Oregon, came up with the innovative idea to build truck components with lightweight aluminum instead of traditional steel. He was met with much resistance when he started floating this idea around, so he decided to hire his own team of engineers and began creating the vehicles himself. His designs were noticed and quickly became a huge success, as these trucks were lightweight, durable, and easy to handle.
In 1942, James established the company’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and changed its name to Freightliner Corporation. At this point, the company was soon to become North America’s leading heavy duty vehicle manufacturer. The company continued producing and helped with the manufacturing of vehicles used for World War II. After the war, business grew quickly as word of the company’s ability to make trucks custom to the buyer’s needs spread. By 1970, they were producing over 6,000 trucks a year.
In 1981, one of the world’s premiere automotive companies, Daimler-Benz AG, purchased Freightliner from Consolidated Freight-ways, and over the next decade, the company saw production and sales more than double. Daimler-Benz helped Freightliner become the leading heavy-duty truck company in North America by 1992.
The company saw a series of new partners, owners, and partnerships over the years, and in 2008, the company officially became Daimler Trucks North America to reflect the true impact that Daimler-Benz had on the company’s success. Today, the company is the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, serving a multitude of industries.
Engineering excellence is what the company strives on. They are constantly doing the research to ensure that their products are the most innovative, up-to-date, and highest quality on the road, and technology has played a hand in their continuous success. From creating the best engines to introducing electric vehicle initiatives, Daimler Trucks North America plans to stay at the front of the line when it comes to commercial vehicle excellence.


As a company aiming to stay at the forefront of their industry, Daimler decided that some much needed renovations were necessary for their facilities. During the renovations, production had to keep moving, employees needed to keep working, and day-to-day activities needed to continue despite some interruptions from remodeling.
When you have a large number of employees working, accessible restrooms are a must. During the renovations, their brick and mortar restrooms were simply inaccessible. Daimler found that they were in need of portable restrooms for rent, and came to us for a solution.
Considering the demographics of their staff, we were able to suggest the 11 Station Male Dominant Portable Restroom Rental Station, Classic Series. This portable restroom for rent is designed with an elegant black and white interior and has the perfect amount of lighting. The unit measures 29 feet long and features a 200 gallon water tank and 1150 gallon waste tank.

In line with it’s name, this portable restroom trailer is equipped with a women’s suite having three private stalls and a men’s suite with six private stalls and three standard urinals. The interior of each suite has sturdy privacy walls dividing each stall, ensuring comfort for each visitor, and white ceramic flushing toilets. The women’s suite has a single sink vanity with a shatter-proof mirror, and the men’s is equipped with a triple sink vanity, each having metered faucets. The suites also have a paper towel and hand dryer option.
This portable restroom for rent allows guests to enjoy a climate-controlled environment that is maintained by air conditioning and heat strips, along with electric cabinet mount heaters in each suite. In addition to climate comfort, this unit also allows for hot water hand washing.
The exterior is clean, durable, and dent-proof with aluminum steps and railing for safe and easy access. Upon entry, guests will find high-quality vinyl flooring and will enjoy insulated walls and ceiling that aid in the controlled interior climate.
Like many of our portable restroom trailers for rent, the Male Dominant Classic Series comes equipped with the Smarter Restrooms app. This app allows for constant remote monitoring of the unit from any smartphone, tablet or computer. The restroom trailer management team can control operational systems like monitoring waste and freshwater tank levels, power, and interior climate control. This interactive tool makes operating restroom rentals easy and accessible for anyone - not just the restroom trailer professionals,
We were happy to help Dailmer Trucks of North America with their need for a portable restroom for rent. It was the solution they needed to keep their operations running smoothly and to ensure their staff stayed comfortable. Their renovations will allow the company to continue to excel in commercial vehicle production and we are proud to have been a part of the process.
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