The past year and a half has had such a huge impact on industries around the world. Everyone had to get creative with the way they do business: restaurants depended on delivery services only, online orders were in higher demand than ever before, and many essential stores saw goods disappear from shelves at alarming rates (who else ran out of toilet paper?!). With everything going on due to COVID-19, you may be wondering - what is the status of the restroom trailer business?

As shutdown and shelter-in-place orders were announced, we were unsure about the role we would play in the coming months. We had to make some tough decisions - we cut back on work hours, paused manufacturing, and began doing research on what we could do with the inventory we had. 

Much to our surprise, business remained busier than ever. We were glad to get to support a wide variety of essential workers, nonprofit organizations, and hospitals during this hard time. And we haven’t slowed down yet. Learn a little bit about how the industry is doing now, and what you can expect if you’re interested in getting involved.

Demand is High

The restroom trailer business is booming! The world is opening up and we are sprinting to keep in pace. It brings us so much joy to see the return of beloved businesses, events, tourism destinations and more. And these places are all anticipating big crowds this summer.

This means they’ll need to expand their brick-and-mortar restrooms, or add a restroom option to venues that are outdoors and without proper access.

With the demand this high, our sales team is working around the clock to get available units out to the businesses that need them. It’s an exciting time, with a lot of growth potential in the future.

Production is Low

While demand is steadily high, the industry manufacturers are, for the first time, not quite able to keep up with the pace. Production for a new restroom trailer is taking around 4-5 months, so we are telling clients to try and get orders in as early as possible. 

For those who need restrooms more urgently, we recommend restroom rental options, but keep in mind that even rentals are flying out of the warehouse rapidly!

Restroom Trailer Options Available Now

This is such a unique moment in our industry’s history. With high demand and low production, it gets difficult to tell clients that what they want may not be available for months.

That’s why we have made it a priority to keep our available now list full! We have a variety of restroom trailers ready to ship now that cover every need. From ADA-compliant options, showers, and even locker rooms, we are working hard to keep all bases covered.

To learn more about what’s available to order now, give us a call. Know what you want? Request a quote and get that process started now, especially if you have a custom request that may take a long time in production.