Winterize Your Bathroom Trailer

winterproof your bathroom trailer
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Winterize Your Bathroom Trailer

A bathroom trailer is a convenient item to have. It is ideal for outdoor events. It provides comfort to work crews who work onsite for long hours. 

But portable bathrooms face one common problem. They are not all equipped to handle winter weather. The cold temperatures may cause hoses to clog with ice. They may cause water tanks and equipment to freeze. 

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your bathroom trailer from the winter weather. Here are some helpful tips. 

Keep the Water Supply from Freezing

You can prevent your water supply from freezing by wrapping heat tape around a ¾” garden hose. Hold it in place with a piece of duct tape. Place foam tube installation around the heat tape and hose. Then use more duct tape to secure the foam.

Leave all connecting ends, plugs, and power lights exposed so you can still connect the water and power. Leave the test lights exposed to ensure the hose continues working. 

Ensure the Interior Temperature Stays High

Your bathroom may need some help maintaining a temperature that prevents elements from freezing. You can do that by setting electric heaters below the unit. Here are the steps you must take.

  1. Construct a 2x2’ or 2x4’ wood frame that fits under the unit. The box should fit over the bottom of the unit. Fill gaps (if any) with insulation. 
  2. Cut a ½” plywood to fit each side of the trailer’s frame. The stairs should be out and in place before measuring for accuracy. 
  3. Measure and cut a 6x6” wood square to block drain access. Attach it with hinges so you can access the drain when necessary. The step will prevent the valve from freezing.
  4. Eliminate gaps and holds below the unit with insulation at a minimum strength of R-13. Staple the insulation inside the box. 
  5. Cut the insulation in half and place it on the ground where the box will be installed. This step removes the gap between the wood and the ground protecting the unit from the cold. Fill small gaps with insulation. 
  6. Bubble wrap the outside of the wood unit and staple it in place to close gaps between the boards and corners and keep heat in and cold air out. 
  7. Use electrical tape to cover exposed plugs. 

How to Store Your Bathroom During the Winter

If you don’t plan to use your bathroom trailer during the winter, you must store it safely to keep it in good shape. You must temporarily prevent water or power use by:

  • Draining the water from the lines
  • Adding non-toxic RV ‘Pink Water System” antifreeze to the system
  • Unplugging the unit

We are Your Recommended Bathroom Trailer Provider

A bathroom trailer is a useful item that will endure every season with the right maintenance steps. We are recommended bathroom trailer providers thanks to our wide selection and high level of customer service. Our selection includes 3 and 4-season add-ons that will hold up in various climates and temperatures. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you make the most of your portable restroom rental. 

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