#WPSD2015 World Portable Sanitation Day on August 15th!

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#WPSD2015 World Portable Sanitation Day on August 15th!

#WPSD2015 SUSTAINABLE SANITATION In these times of California droughts and wildfires, saving water is a high priority these days in our country as well for others around the world where access to water and sanitation is almost non-existent! World Portable Sanitation Day is a day to bring awareness that the Portable Sanitation Industry is a great tool in helping expand access to sustainable sanitation as part of a greater global solution. PSAI Executive Director Karleen Kos points out that “the portable sanitation industry can play an integral role in addressing some of the biggest challenges currently facing the world’s citizens. In some parts of the world, portable toilets may be the only practical answer.  Sewer systems rely on water and infrastructure, which can be very limited. Sustainable sanitation solutions are needed to help address the needs.”
Portable Restroom Trailers LLC has understood the importance of saving water drop by drop since its beginning in 2007 by offering a full line of portable restrooms designed to work harmoniously with our environment. Our portable restrooms offer energy-efficient, flushable toilets and urinals that require very little water to work effectively. We take extra measures to ensure our services provide clean, safe restroom solutions for both visitors and the environment by stocking our units with recyclable paper products and environmentally-friendly hand soaps, as well as servicing our units with environmentally-safe cleaning products.
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Interested in finding out more about our environmentally-friendly and efficient line of portable restrooms available now for RENT and for PURCHASE?  If you’re looking for guidance, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-998-6547 or fill out our Contact Form today. Experienced sales representatives can help you select the perfect Portable Restrooms Trailer so you can also provide your guests a self-contained, climate-controlled, non-toxic environment that does not rely on harmful chemicals, while still providing all the comforts of a clean, functional, private public restroom. New or Used, Whatever Your Event, We Have the Solution at PRT!
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