April 2018

Restroom Rentals for Long-Term Expansion Projects

We supply restroom rentals to some of the American economy’s most crucial companies – manufacturers, builders, defense contractors and more.  We take pride in supporting these important industries, and over the past year we have greatly increased the amount of work we do with another critical sector – the energy industry. Most recently, a key refinery in Ohio contacted us...
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Portable Restroom Trailers for Municipal Governments

Portable restrooms may seem like a fairly predictable business, but here at PRT we regularly come across new and interesting applications for our inventory of portable restroom trailers.  Some of the most exciting applications we’ve found this season have come from municipal governments in cities and towns across the country. Over the years, we have supported many cities with portable...
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Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale in Big Sky Country

Municipal governments are some of our most reliable business partners here at PRT.  We provide portable restroom trailers for sale to cities and towns across the country for a variety of requirements including sporting events, seasonal festivals, and busy entertainment districts. The cities we have worked with span the continent from Florida to California.  But we recently got our very...
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