Get to Know the Bathroom/ Shower Trailer Combo

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Get to Know the Bathroom/ Shower Trailer Combo

Restrooms are an everyday, inevitable part of life. No matter what type of business you operate, at some point you will have to provide bathroom access for students, staff, guests, clients, and more. While it isn’t the most glamorous topic, it is our goal to make it a part of the conversation. As a company that specializes in the best restroom and shower trailer units, it is our job to make business owners and managers realize that they can raise company morale just by providing a restroom that is a little nicer than just up to par.

As managers like you browse our vast collection, we realize that it gets overwhelming to find the right restroom or shower trailer for you. It all starts with your needs. Do you have hard workers that are outside on construction sites, plowing fields, or other strenuous work that takes place outside, and most likely in the hot sun? Perhaps you have student athletes who need not only access to restrooms, but showers as well. Do you want to provide an affordable solution for campers on your property? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo could be the solution for you. 

Today, we are diving into one of our most popular products, The Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo. Learn more about this versatile unit and the rental or purchasing process.




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For those who are familiar with our product, you know we do not sacrifice anything when it comes to quality, efficiency and design. The same is true for the Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo. These units are equipped with flushable toilets, designer non-slip flooring, sink and mirror vanities, and paper towel dispensers. 

We know that safety is always a company priority, so each Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo unit features sturdy, aluminum steps with railing, along with bright porch lights at every entry for access no matter what time, day or night. 

The entire unit is always insulated to ensure that the interior temperature remains comfortable for guests. We also include air conditioning and heat strips to maintain that good temperature. These features work together to make sure that the weather outside does not have a negative effect on interior climate.

When it comes to design, each our our Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo units offers a different level of ambiance depending on your needs. For those who service more high-end guests, units like the 3 Station Classic Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo offer a more upscale design palate, impressing visitors who appreciate a higher class experience. For those who don’t mind a no muss no fuss style of design, units like the 3 Station Cabo Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo maintain a level of design that is still elegant, but doesn’t need to go the extra mile. This is ideal for construction, agriculture, college students, and others who will simply appreciate the access to a quality restroom. 




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No matter what you needs may be, we are certain that the combo trailer for you is in our collection. Here are a few picks that we would like to highlight. You can browse the full collection here. 

2 Station Comfort Series

A perfect compact unit that is designed for worksites with a lower volume of restroom users.


3 Station Restroom/ Locker Room/ Shower Trailer Combo

This combo is especially designed for the workplace. Along with the restroom and shower combo, this trailer features a locker room, which is ideal for offsite work stations. Employees are able to safely store their items while working. This is also ideal for gyms and college campuses.


ADA +2 Station Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo

For those who need a more accessible option, we have restroom/shower trailer combo units that have an ADA-compliant unit. The ADA suites are spacious and allow for a 360-degree turn in a wheelchair. They are also equipped with handrails and a lower sink. 

Ready to rent or purchase your restroom/ shower trailer unit! Contact us to get a quote and your trailer will be on the way in no time!


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