A truly unique and inspired client contacted us to discuss a portable shower trailer rental.  At Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC, our clients are typically private companies who are acquiring a trailer to support their business operations.  A  big exception, however, is when it comes to our inventory of disaster response trailers.
When we are helping clients with disaster response trailers, we work with government agencies, or  “mega churches,” and small local volunteer organizations– some of which are truly amazing.  This organization is a perfect example of a group going above and beyond for the community, and we are happy to be able to support the important work that they are doing.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 8.33.30 AM.pngAnswering a Calling through a Mission on Wheels

The mission of this group, called Mission on Wheels,  is to provide mobile resources to nonprofit and government organizations, bolstering response capabilities as a result of natural disasters.  They provide important tools that support the safety and success of relief and response efforts in the wake of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornados.  When there is no disaster to respond to, their fleet is kept in service through community outreach to homeless populations and others facing economic hardship.
The group maintains a fleet of mobile resources including portable shower trailers, mobile bunk houses, portable electric generators, and more.  When the fleet is deployed, the group rolls out with multiple trucks towing an assortment of critical mobile resources.  They head straight into the disaster zone to support the first responders and volunteers who are operating to save lives and salvage property.  What is the most impressive aspect of the operation?  They provide these services free of charge!
The organization is supported entirely by donations.  They do not take money from the government– their funding comes from private donations from individuals, companies, foundations, and church congregations.  They have been doing this work and building their fleet for more than seven years – and the group’s leadership does not draw a salary either.  More than 90% of their budget goes directly to operations, with the remainder covering volunteer training, fundraising materials, and administrative costs.

Responding to Hurricane Harvey in Houston

The organization is based out of a small town about one hour northwest of downtown Houston – so they had their work cut out for them when Hurricane Harvey submerged much of that city under several feet of water late last month.  They began deploying their assets immediately, and by the time the storm cleared they were in full operation with assets throughout the Texas coastal bend.
Mission on Wheels  provided sleeping arrangements and freshwater showers to the first responders who were busy doing water rescues in Rockport.  They provided showers to the clean-up crews in Ingleside.  They provided sleeping quarters and showers to aid workers in Aransas Pass.  Wherever people were helping the response effort, this group was there – supporting the helpers.
Needless to say, we are grateful our portable shower trailer rental units play a small part in the important work that this group is doing.

PRT’s Portable Shower Trailer Rental Units

First responders and clean-up crews are in constant contact with toxic chemicals and infectious diseases when they wade out into contaminated floodwater.  While it might sound like a luxury, getting workers clean at the end of a shift is critical to the success of any disaster response effort.  Portable shower trailer rental units are a perfect solution to this problem – delivering hot showers directly to the operation site.
The portable shower trailer rental units runs from small two-station shower trailers all the way up to large 36-foot trailers with 10 separate shower stalls.  Also available are combination shower trailers that include full-service restroom suites, decontamination trailers with tightly controlled air and water filtration systems, and dedicated hand-washing trailers.  Additionally,  portable laundry trailers that deliver all the functionality of an entire laundry room can be placed directly at the disaster zone.

Flexible Financing for Portable Shower Trailer Rental Units

Various flexible financing options are a perfect complement to the wide-ranging inventory of portable shower trailer rental units.  With several options to choose from, almost any client can find an option that suits their needs – well within their budget.
Both short-term and long-term rental agreements are available.  There is competitive financing for new and used purchases.  The lease-to-own program has become very popular because it allows organizations of any size to acquire valuable new equipment right away without the need for a major cash outlay that may not be in their current operating budget.
If you would like to learn more about arranging a portable shower trailer rental with PRT, give us a call today at (877) 600-8645.  One of our trained representatives will guide you through our extensive inventory and help you to evaluate our various financing options to find the perfect solution for your unique requirements.