Introducing the Explorer Series Portable Restroom Trailers

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Introducing the Explorer Series Portable Restroom Trailers

Americans have an extremely wide variety of businesses and employment. Whether it be a 9-5 office career, a career in the service industry, or, more prominent these days, a work-from-home career, there is an employment field for every individual's needs and preferences. It is extremely important for all employees to have the basic amenities they need. These amenities include proper access to restrooms at all times. When a restroom is not available, portable restroom trailers are a great alternative.

Unlike having an office or home job, many career paths are mobile and do not have stable access to a restroom. A few examples include catering companies, transportation companies, all businesses servicing a variety of locations, as well as construction working at multiple sites. In instances like these, employees may be without any convenient and clean opinions to use the restroom. I for one do not want to have to worry about where I will use the restroom while at work. 

Businesses like these need to take care of their staff yet some work sites may not be able to provide these amenities. Employers can purchase portable restroom trailers to accommodate the needs of their employees with a clean restroom environment. 

The Explorer Series is the new, portable, lightweight solution that is easy to take with you. Learn more about the Explorer Series portable restroom trailers.

Get to Know the Explorer Series Portable Restroom Trailers 

Provide a clean and safe restroom for your employees and customers with the well-designed and simple Explorer Series portable restroom trailers. Designed to be extremely light weight with an all aluminum structure, the Explorer Series requires a smaller tow vehicle, saving fuel and maintenance costs. 

The Explorer Series is also extremely durable and can weather any storm. The all aluminum structure guarantees there will be no rusting or rotting. The composite subfloor and welded construction means that it will not rot extending the life of your investment. The floors will be solid for years to come.

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The Explorer Series portable restroom trailers are a great option for not only businesses that need to provide their employees, but also for customers. A variety of businesses including: pop-up shops, farmers markets, construction businesses, and catering businesses can benefit from these portable restroom trailers. Pop-up shops and farmers markets rarely have accessible restrooms for customers because they are not permanent buildings, and this can present an issue for customers and may even deter them from your business.

Many Americans shy away from a business or activity that they know will not have proper restroom access so adding portable restroom trailers to your business can make it more appealing, accessible and accommodating for everyone.

With shiny aluminum casing, the Explorer Series portable restroom trailers provide an elegant design while still being durable and functional. The elegant look is only matched by the affordable price. 

Purchase the Explorer Series 

The Explorer Series restroom solution is versatile and will stand the test of time. It’s aluminum body and composite subfloor keeps the trailer from rotting or rusting, protecting your investment. 

These restroom trailers are the number one option for small businesses and businesses on the go. Being extremely lightweight allows you to take them wherever your business goes and wherever your employees need it to go. 

If you are ready to purchase your portable restroom trailers, request a quote to get the process started. Still have a few more questions? Learn more about purchase options on the Explorer Series page

We look forward to helping you find the portable restrooms you need for your business. Browse our full collection of available inventory for an endless list of options! 

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