The year 2019 kept us quite busy with portable restroom rentals. One of our favorite parts about the business is getting to travel all over the country and see what other creative business owners are doing. From unique events to renovated offices, rowdy college campuses to minor league sports teams, we have almost seen it all thanks to our ability to provide upscale portable restroom options.

When we begin the conversation about portable restroom rentals with new potential clients, they often have one initial question: “how can your product help my business?” This is a question we love to answer because, let’s face it - using the restroom is an inevitable part of everyone’s day. When guests are ready to use the restroom, they expect to arrive at a reasonably clean and well designed restroom. Companies who do not provide a proper restroom often leave a negative impression on guests and clients.

With portable restroom rentals, we guarantee that your restroom experience will be positive, and even elegant. Our goal is to ensure that every corner of your workspace, store, event venue, or other company location is as well thought out and approachable as everything else about your brand.

Over the past year, we got to know many new businesses and organizations, providing portable restroom rentals that fit their exact needs. Browse the industries we were able to assist and see how we might be able to help your business in the new year. 


portable restroom rentals in 2019

This category is one of the largest that we tend to service. This year, one major company we were able to assist was Walmart. Their hard-working drivers needed an upgrade to their resting locations, and this super-sized company recognized the need to treat their employees with care. They reached out to us for an option that had both toilets and showers, and we sent them the 5 Station Combo, Comfort Series. Their employees are enjoying this portable restroom today.


Built for durability and efficiency, our portable restroom rentals are a great choice for school campuses. From messy and active elementary school kids to the more refined grad school adults, we have an option that fits every school need. Morgan Hill School District reached out to use before the school year began and requested a large portable restroom option, and we were able to provide the  Double ADA unit for those needing accessibility, two 2 Station Calypso Series restroom trailers for staff, and two 10 Station Calypso Series trailers for the general public. Something for everyone!


portable restroom rentals in 2019

One of our favorite perks of the job is traveling the country and seeing the creative events that planners and producers dream up. While many may be run-of-the-mill, like Farmer’s Markets, fairs, concerts, and more, we occasionally stumble upon something truly unique. One of these unique events was the Anchored Soul's Paddle Boarding event in Lake Wylie, SC. Paddle boarding enthusiasts came out for a day on the lake, and our portable restroom rentals helped to elevate the atmosphere. They chose the ADA +2 Station Grand Mariner Series, an elegant and accessible rental option. 


Of our many portable restroom rentals, the option that works best for gyms and sporting arenas are those with a shower option. This was the case with Birmingham FC, the pro soccer team in Alabama. They needed a shower trailer for their talented athletes that could handle a high volume of use and came to use for a solution. We were able to provide the  8 Station Portable Shower Trailer for Rent, Sierra Series and this is a rental they request from us every year during soccer season. 


A category near and dear to our hearts, there is nothing better than getting to assist the organizations who make it a goal to improve their community. When a nonprofit comes to us with a need for portable restroom rentals, we pay extra attention and ensure that we find the perfect solution well within their very tight budgets. This year, we assisted many nonprofits, but one that stood out was Gaston County Wildlife. They rehabilitate wild animals and release them back into their natural habitat. They needed an accessible option for their staff and volunteers, so we provided the ADA +2 Station Portable Restroom Trailer, Marina Series. The organization is strong and growing more and more each day.

Now that you’ve gotten to read about the diverse amount of industries we partner with, consider your business needs for the new year. Is your restroom option up to par? Is it a good representation of your brand?

Continue to browse our inventory of portable restroom rentals here. If you have questions, feel free to contact us - our knowledgeable staff is waiting to hear from you!

Here’s to successful partnerships and business in 2020!