Event planners and enthusiasts: this one’s for you! As we think back on the year of extraordinary events that we’ve seen, our admiration for this industry continues to grow. Event professionals not only create amazing activities, but also priceless experiences and memories. Our restroom rentals have allowed us to travel the country and see so much success first-hand. 

Anticipating those things that go wrong make you an excellent manager, especially when it comes to events and special projects. Ensuring that you have access to the necessary contacts, tools, and resources that can save an event from those mistakes is a big part of the job. That’s why we are proud to partner with managers and provide restroom rentals when needed. When all else goes wrong, the last thing you want to worry about is the bathroom. Many outdoor venues may not have an upscale option, and offsite work projects may take your team to locations where a restroom is not provided.

As you begin to plan your events for the upcoming year, start thinking about what those small events will need. We are here to ensure that you have an elegant restroom option with portable bathrooms for rent! With our large portfolio of restroom rentals, we know that browsing for an option that fits your needs can be overwhelming. We’ve made that search a little easier for you. Here are five of our trailers that are perfect for that next small-scale event on your agenda. When you find what you need, contact us and we’ll get your rental ready to go!

Small Restroom Rentals

1. Casual

small restroom rentals

From the Farmer’s Market to company picnic, ice skating rinks to pumpkin patches, the range of casual events that we see year round is vast and entertaining. When expecting a small crowd at these types of events, luxury is not expected, but a level of elegance just makes the event feel better and elevates experience. 2 Station Affordable Advantage Series is the perfect fit for events with a casual environment.

2. Accessible

ADA restroom rentals

Ensuring that all who need to use the restroom have the access they need should be top priority for your events. It means that you as the planner or producer have taken the time to think about every individual visitor, and this stands out to your guests. The ADA +2 Marina Series is elegantly designed and works well at a wide range of events, from casual to formal. It is one of our portable bathrooms for rent that makes everyone feel welcome.

3. Formal

Those in charge of running upscale cocktail parties, corporate meetings, weddings, and other more further events can count on the  4 Station Coastal Series to impress. Elevated design touches are prominent throughout this collection of portable bathrooms for rent, making it a perfect fit for guests expecting a slightly higher tone of elegance. 

4. Upscale

luxury restroom rentals

Although this option can also be a great fit for formal events,  3 Station Luxury Series is more fit for the highest level of affairs. This is for your black tie galas, VIPs, celebrity guests, and those who expect a first class experience. When hosting one of these events in a venue that isn’t equipped with a brick-and-mortar restroom or outdoors, this is a luxury bathroom option you can turn to and depend on. 

5. Multi-Use

combo restroom rentals

We’ve found that with events, you should always expect the unexpected. The mark of a truly exceptional events manager is not a perfect execution, but the ability to handle those minor emergencies with ease and as cool as a cucumber. The 4 Station Combo, Classic Series was designed to help with those unexpected needs. Equipped with a full service restroom, including showers, this unit is perfect for performers who need to freshen up, staff who transition from crew to a more formal roll, and more.

Find the Rental for You

As leading suppliers of restroom rentals, we have dealt with a wide variety of industries, each with their own unique needs. This has allowed us to learn what rentals will provide solutions, from casual to formal, big to small. For those interested in small rental options like those listed above, the options don’t end there! Browse our inventory of portable bathrooms for rent and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Interested in a purchase? See what’s available now, or reach out to us and chat with our knowledgeable sales staff about more options.